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Sandy Barnes happy as can be with her results

I joined the 4WOH program on 5 October after listening to Simon’s story re his amazing weight loss journey and thought “why not!”

Thank you is all I can say to both Simon J Gault & his fantastic nutritionist Sean Robertson for making this eating program available to anyone who wishes to change their life, feel amazing, look great, have more energy and sleep better!!

The inches fell off in the first 3 weeks and I continue to lose. 

 I used  to drag myself out of bed at 8.15 after 10hrs sleep to get to yoga & I now rise early feeling great & get a 45 minute walk in before yoga - amazing.

If you have a WHY all I can say is WHY NOT.

This 4WOH program works and it’s a “small” investment with “big” results. 

JUST  DO IT - feeling proud.

Sandy Barnes 

4WOH Graduate 

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