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Outstanding progress from Leanne!

Why did I Join 4 Wheels of Health?

After listening to the ins and outs of the programme I figured I had nothing to lose – except a considerable amount of weight!!

I have tried many different programs in the past, yet nothing seemed to be steadfast and/or sustainable. I suffered a back injury middle of 2018 which meant my exercise regime was halted, and on went the weight. Which in itself was counterproductive as we all know that carrying extra weight is not ideal for back issues! I wanted to be able to function fully again. To be on the floor rolling around with my kids, to chase them around the park and basically be a ‘fun’, active mum!! Asides from that – I was so sick of my clothes feeling tight and uncomfortable, having a wardrobe full of clothes that just didn’t fit anymore.

When I signed up, I was hoping for a kickstart in weight loss, and a programme that would fit in with my family and lifestyle

I have not been disappointed. The programme is so easy to work in with family life, I’m making dishes that the whole family eats – even better!!

It’s only been 4 weeks, yet the change I am beginning to see and feel is beyond words. I’m less bloated, I have far more energy, focus and mental clarity – including breaking down mental roadblocks, especially in regards to eating and weightloss.

I am really listening to my body now and feel much more ‘in-tune’ with it. AND I’m losing weight!!

A total of 7.9kgs in the first 4 weeks!

I am much more aware now of foods and ways of eating that are going to benefit me both now and long-term. I really love the way I am feeling on this programme!

What I have found particularly useful and interesting, is learning about the ‘whys’. For example the way our bodies and mind react physiologically to various situations such as stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition etc, and why. It has been encouraging to learn that we can actually re-set these poor habits. We are literally buying ourselves more time to be alive! 4 Wheels is a true lifestyle change. We are creating new habits and ways of living that are so successful!!

If you are considering joining the 4 Wheels Family – stop thinking and just do it! You won’t regret it!! The support and encouragement from the group environment is great. Someone always has a suggestion to help you out and everyone celebrates in your successes. The knowledge that both Simon and Sean bring is second to none. You can trust that you are in secure and professional hands.

To sum up how the 4 Wheels of Health has helped me; I have an increased understanding of the various facets of health, and how they influence our bodies. My overall wellbeing and outlook has improved. I have a better relationship with food and better understanding of nutrition, as well as what our bodies are designed to tolerate.

I feel certain I am on a holistic journey to true health.

Thank you Simon and Sean!! (and all the behind the scenes team!)

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