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Judy is shining - check out her transformation!

This is my second round of 4woh. My why before the first course... to be here for my family... that has changed now...my why now... to be here for me. That may sound selfish... but it is not.

What I realised over the first course is if I do this for me, my family gets the benefit. Life changing, holistic & mind blowing awesome. It not just the weight loss. I discovered a side effect I never anticipated... new found confidence.

I walk taller, smile more & so much energy. I have met awesome new friends & yes we do actually meet up & hang out eating yummy food.

My results from Y health check yesterday - 25cms off waist 15% weight loss cholesterol down - was told last yr I was close to type 2 diabetes- have turned that around. Wanted to say thank you so much - you & Simon have saved my life

Judy Clark

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