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Jenny Grimmett - from pre-diabetic to fabulous in 4 short weeks!

Why did I Join 4 Wheels of Health?

I’ve always been a foodie, from the time my father cooked peaches in the fry pan with bacon and eggs for Sunday brunch, and my mother taught me how to make lacy thin crepes and a roux sauce and told me about her mother learning to cook at Cordon Bleu in Paris. I love to cook and to learn new recipes and experiment and improvise with food to make delicious meals that look beautiful on the plate.

I enjoy eating out, hoping to have one of those “party in the mouth” moments, and see what new fabulous foodie things I can discover. Food has played a major role in my life. I have worked as a cook in restaurant and cafe roles, and catering for 200 people making a movie, between my other career moves, and been very popular with friends I cook for. Many friends still remember and talk about dinner parties I hosted. I learned nutrition at university so knew what was good for me and why … although I think I got stuck in the food menus and science of the 80s. That wasn’t all bad, but the food in those days was pretty decadent and we all wanted our food to be better and fancier than the last time we ate out. In those days I did a lot of exercise, so eating wasn’t an issue.

As the years went by my jobs became more sedentary, and my body got older and I tired more easily. Most recently, increasingly regular injuries from get fit programs just made me feel hopeless. In my head I am still 25 but my body is three decades older and, at times, felt worse. I am still in reasonable shape, and can hide it well because I am tall, but beneath my baggy clothes I’ve been getting thicker round the middle. My GP looked concerned last time I had my blood pressure tested and I was bouncing in and out of being pre-diabetic. I constantly noticed myself making excuses as to why it was okay to eat a bag of crisps or a Magnum ice-cream. I was not sleeping well and getting up in the middle of the night to eat cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.

The midnight snacks grew from a small glass of milk to a meal sized snack. Meanwhile I wasn’t eating breakfast, often forgetting lunch or buying something quick like a Subway roll. Lots of bread and not much filling. Then, every night, I would cook three course gourmet meals for my partner. I would eat companionably with him and have “seconds” when he did, even though I was not doing much exercise. I would often eat till it hurt and then keep eating. I was feeling really tired. Being diagnosed with pre-diabetes shocked me into change … for a while … I managed to lose 10kg by cutting out carbs for a couple of months and walking for 45 minutes each night. But while new habits are easy to make, old habits are harder to break. I gained it all back and felt worse than before.

Then my life changed - I was unexpectedly released from my long-term relationship. I was free to cook what I wanted when I wanted and, instead, I stopped cooking completely and started to eat out. I asked for a healthy breakfast of spinach and tomatoes and poached eggs at my local cafe, but I also ordered a flat white, and then a second one. I saw the cakes in the café cabinet and bought them. I did that for a year. I thought I was happy and free … but I wasn’t. Food was meant to be my friend, but it was becoming my enemy.

What I Hoped to Achieve in the 4 Wheels Program

I didn’t really have a plan – I just knew I needed to do something to get a better work life balance and eat more healthily. And then I saw the advertisement for the 4 WHEELS OF HEALTH program on FaceBook. It was a sign … run by the famous Simon Gault, a chef I admire who also likes aviation like me, assisted by the talented and well-researched nutritionist Sean Robertson. Remember, I already know about food science, and I know how to research, and cook, so I knew I was looking at something good. I could understand the concepts outlined in the advert and see that this program offered the real deal – science-based recipes and eating programs with support and guidance based on all the best parts of the latest and best food and lifestyle approaches to a healthier and happier life. This wasn’t a fad diet … I could see this was a way of life that could be embraced and sustained after the four-week program ended. And we could eat delicious food with input from a world class chef. I wanted in.

I initially wondered what I had got myself into signing up to a FaceBook group with a bunch of complete strangers, and potentially needing to share my journey with others. Everyone was so friendly and helpful while on their own journeys, I needn’t have worried. So, I threw myself in boots and all and posted every day about my experiences and wins, watched all the online videos and commented on all the posts. I quickly got into the routines we were being taught about good sleep habits, drinking lots of water, healthy gut bacteria, time restricted eating windows, the benefits of hot and cold showers, exercise, getting enough daylight time outside, and 24-hour fasting.

What I Have Achieved

I wanted to lose weight because I needed to, and I have.

After three weeks on the program I managed to easily lose 6kg, and between three and five centimetres off my body.

I have made new friends through the program and learned some fantastic new recipes and different ways to incorporate healthy food into meals. I think I look better and I know I feel better too!

I stand taller and walk more confidently, and don’t cringe when I see my reflection in shop windows. I’m also less afraid of taking photos of more than just my face.

What I have Enjoyed Most About the 4 Wheels Program

I’ve got even more than weight loss out of the program. I have learned how to care for myself again, to give myself permission to stop and eat, to prepare beautiful food and enjoy eating it and feel good afterwards.

I choose to do more exercise before and after work, because I want to not because I have to, and to take walk breaks in the middle of the day. To stop working late into the night, and have time just for me.

I have also enjoyed seeing the positive feedback on my posts from others in the program, realizing I am able to inspire and help them on their journeys too. That has been very rewarding and inspired me to try to do that more in my everyday life.

The best reward is that I have been working less, been more efficient when I have worked, and felt fabulous for the first time in ages. I am closing in on that perfect work-life balance and I feel so happy and proud about that.

I am confident I can keep using the tools I have learned on the program to stay healthy and happy too – they are easy to understand and to follow, and once you get to know them, they seem second nature, and you can have fun with them.

My Health and Wellbeing has Improved Because of the Program

I have more energy, my eyes are not dry all the time and I can wear contact lenses. I don’t have aches and pains as much, and my sleep is improving. I haven’t had a blood test or a blood pressure test yet, but I am confident that I will have good results when I do.

My Advice to People Considering Joining the Next 4 Wheels of Health Program


There are times when it can seem difficult, especially when you are doing something new. But these times get easier, as you learn to be organized and plan your food menu, shopping, cooking and eating times ahead. You don’t have to post anything on the FaceBook Group page but you will get more out of it if you do, and it is a safe space to do so. Always feel free to ask questions. The program helps you start on a sustainable journey to a better, healthier life. Have fun with it! Eat the rainbow!

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