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Fiona McGlinchey lost 7.6 Kilo's in 3 Weeks!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Busy with work and family life Fiona hadn't been putting herself first and was in need of a change.

I would just like to say how great this 4 Wheels of Health has been for me. I was too busy with kids and work to worry about myself, so would just eat crap food on the go, when are where I could. This program has taught me, actually I can take good food with me, I just need to be more organized.

There has been great support from Sean and Simon, and everybody else that’s done the program. With recipes and how they are feeling.

Loser weight and feel better

As a result of this program I have lost 7.6 kilos in 3 weeks, my clothes are all too big for me and I am getting out my skinny clothes again which I wouldn’t have worn in 6 maybe 7 years.

But that aside, I just feel so much better in myself and who I am, just from eating healthy and it’s really not that hard to do, it’s just a case of being more organized and thinking about what we’re doing the next day, or the next couple of days as opposed to just grabbing on the run.

I would highly recommend if you are looking for a change of lifestyle - give it a go!

A Lifestyle Change

I would highly recommend if anyone is looking for a change of lifestyle, whether it be for health or weight reasons or anything along those lines, give it a go. It’s not expensive and it’s not a diet, it’s changing the way we think about what we do. I’m looking forward to the next program and hope you come on board and enjoy it as well! Thanks, Simon & thanks Sean.

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