The course is 4 weeks. Each week focusing on either sleep, chronobiology, gut health, or nutrition. 

Although great results are common, the main point of the course is to empower the user with the fundamentals of lifestyle choices for managing their own health long term in a sustainable way. In reality it is more an education course with results during the 4 weeks as a bonus.

The program is run on a private Facebook page with a video to watch every day for 4 weeks.
The user is provided a framework and various recipe kits as tools, the video content released each day (15-25mins per video) is live to enable interaction and Q&A; and aims to provide supplementary information to understand how and why we are doing each point in the framework as well as gain a better overall understanding of their health/bodily operations. 

Questions are welcomed and can be asked anytime in the facebook group.  All questions are monitored for support in a timely manner.


Our method is not focused on calorie counting or measuring portion sizes. We use an approach of regulating hormones with food type and lifestyle factors as the underlying navigating system for the path to better health. Working on a metabolic level instead of an energy level means adherence is higher but also allows the body to adapt to a more sustainable regulation for long term weight management as well as improving overall health markers.

Simply said, hormones > calories for the management of well being.


Food you can ENJOY!

The problem with old-fashioned “diets” is that they are not appealing or sustainable. If they were, we’d all be on them! So how is the 4 Wheels approach different?

We are not about simply restricting your calorie intake by making you eat lettuce and water for a month. We have no crazy detox shakes, or lemon cleanses. No one wants to live like that.  We want you to change your eating habits by introducing foods you like! 

Sure, all the chips and fizzy drinks won't be on the table, but our meals are designed to be tasty and enjoyable.  So rather than feeling like you are missing out on your old food, you are looking forward to the new food.  This way, it's easier to maintain your new healthy eating habits - because you want to!