Frequently asked questions

Course Purchase &Delivery

What does the 4 Wheels of Health course entail?

It is a 4-week health education program run by our nutritionist Sean Robertson and chef Simon Gault. They cover 4 main pillars; nutrition, sleep, gut health, and time-restricted eating to help improve the health and wellbeing of participants. The results have been amazing for our participants, and many have continued to do multiple courses with us. You can find their testimonials here. You will be provided with all of the recipes and framework material you'll need in a downloadable format. The course right now is run entirely through Facebook. You are added to a private Facebook group, which is managed by Sean and Simon. They answer your questions and do live videos to compliment the course Framework material which you are before the course start date.

How much does it cost?

4 Wheels Intensive

  • For our intensive 4-week health education course you can find all of the pricing details here. The dates are finalised 4-6 weeks before the course launch, and our page will be updated with pricing and dates accordingly.

As I am heading away when the course starts, is there a chance I could join at a later date?

Yes this is possible to join after the launch date and catch up with the digital program content. Once the videos are posted in the private course group page they stay available for viewing within the 'Units' section of the page.

Is there an option to bypass joining Facebook or any other type of social media page?

The 4 Wheels course is currently run through a private Facebook group. If this is an issue we recommend setting up an account with only basic information (name, and required contact information) and to delete it at the end of the course. We are taking this feedback on board and looking into alternatives for future courses.

I don’t use Facebook often. Will other people outside the group be able to see my private information or conversations?

No. Members of the public will not be able to see your private information. Anything you chose to post publicly on the group feed can be seen only by other members on the course. But if you'd prefer to keep all communication private you can message Sean, Simon or the page directly (on Facebook or via email) and no one would be able to see those conversations.

What is your cancellation policy for the 4 Wheels courses?

You can find a detailed breakdown of our course cancellation policy here.

Nutrition & Program Content

Recipe substitutions

The nutrition protocol is very flexible and recipe items can be taken out or substituted no worries.

I eat plant-based, the past month. Are these 4 weeks heavily meat-based? Can I work my plant-based nutrition in with this?

There is a lot of flexibility in the course. We supply a range of mixed-diet recipes that cater to a range of diet choices. There are certainly easy substitutes for all diet and lifestyle choices, and Sean, our nutritionist, is also always happy to assist with any dietary restrictions or questions.

I am gluten-free. Can the course accommodate this?

The course recipes are very adaptable and we have had great success with gluten-free participants in the past. Sean and Simon guide and direct the program with live videos and answer any questions you may have along the way through direct messaging or posting within the group. This includes any food substitutions that may be needed. The framework focusses on low carb anyway so it tends to easily suit a gluten-free diet.

I am insulin resistant and have elevated inflammation markers. Is this course right for me?

Insulin resistance is one of the main things this program is geared towards fixing. We have seen evidence of inflammation markers dropping which coincides with following our framework. So we would encourage you to give it a try while clearing it with your Dr or specialist.