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To Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss Without Exercise & Eating Delicious Food!

Love Who You Are... Wake Up With Energy and Feel Amazing

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Simon & Sean are here to change your life! 

We’ve had so many success stories, which is how we know that YOU can be one of them!

BECOME EMPOWERED in your weight loss journey and easily maintain your results.

This is NOT A DIET!

  • LOSE BODY FAT around your hips, belly, legs, and underarms.

  • LOSE WEIGHT without restrictive diets, gimmicks, excessive workouts or "off limit" foods.

  • BECOME EMPOWERED in your weight loss journey and easily maintain your results.

You'll see real results in week 1

What if I don't love it?

I'm pretty sure you will!


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If however you decide in the first seven days the course is not quite right for you, just let us know by email and we will give you a full refund in the first 7 days, so you can try our 30 day 4 Wheels of Health course 100% risk free.


· Lose weight without exercise

· Lose 'kgs' of fat in 4 weeks

· Improve your Sleep & Energy levels

· Read and Understand Nutritional Food Labels

· Reduced Risk of Diabetes & an Easing of Symptoms

· It's about 'what' we eat. Not how much

· Understand how your own hormones can sabotage your weight loss efforts and what you can do to control them.

This 30-Day course is going to give you everything you need to effortlessly navigate your weight-loss journey.

Here are testimonials from people just like you who got results:

Susan's Testimonial

It's been a slow downward trend, it's been great!

Paul's Testimonial

I am no longer in the parameters of being pre-diabetic!

Amanda's Testimonial

I haven't felt better in so many years! 

Your Coaches for 4 Weeks


Sean Robertson

Sean is a Metabolic Nutritionist, Epigenetic coach, Personal Trainer, and all round Health Guru. Inspired by his experiences in the health field to bring about positive change for those who seek it, he is one motivated young man on a mission to improve the well being of New Zealand. Sean will serve as your sciencey health educator and support throughout the 4 Wheels of Health program.

Sean says: Coming from a love of science throughout school and natural enthusiasm for seeking answers, I was lead into Biochemistry in University. Realising I didn't want to be stuck in a lab everyday and I wanted to do something practical, I got into the science of Nutrition and Exercise instead. By the end of my degree, it was clear that what we were being taught was ruining our health. The science didn't match the education. Now I'm taking the real science of health directly to the people, not the rusty nutrition I was taught, but the newest research in the health field.

The best part about it is, it works.

Simon Gault is one of the leading lights in New Zealand’s culinary scene. Simon is a chef and restauranteur that has worked both in New Zealand and internationally at a vast array of establishments including Leiths restaurant in London and at the prestigious, Michelin-starred Thornbury Castle. He has also formally been the personal chef to the likes of billionaire Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, and prior to that, personal chef to Simon Fuller. Simon is a global culinary superstar who has a remarkable talent for bringing together tastes and techniques from around the world. When asked what his favourite recipe was, Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, replied ‘Simon Gault’s telephone number’.

Simon Says: I have lost a considerable amount of weight, not by eating grass and berries. Basically, it was a result of eating at sensible times and being mindful mainly of what, not how much, I was eating. The result was enough to turn my Type two diabetes around. That, understandably, has made a huge difference to my life and future. If that’s not enough, I can say without hesitation, the transformation process was enjoyable. Life is not about unrealistic goals that are achievable only by inflicting unpleasant remedies. The Four Wheels process is to be enjoyed and the outcomes celebrated. Having said that I lost weight, I need to emphasise that this not a weight loss program. It is a lifestyle change program with huge health benefits. One should regard any weight loss as a side effect of regaining good health. No eating enjoyment has suffered during my transformation.

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Simon Gault

This is a science-based 4-week health education course, with emphasis on community and heart. Join Chef Simon Gault and Nutritionist Sean Robertson, as they combine their drive and passion towards a healthier New Zealand.

Participants will receive the 4 Wheels of Health framework which will act as a reference and go-to guide about sensible and thoroughly enjoyable Nutrition, Gut Health, Sleep, and Timed Eating. These are a simple to follow set of guidelines which includes an assortment of delicious recipes to get you started.

The guide will be supplemented by live videos, tips and tricks, education, and support within our Facebook group. This is where we can share experiences, struggles, successes, offer motivational support, and get ourselves enthusiastically involved with this innovative new sensible health-oriented movement!

What is 4 Wheels of Health?