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What is 4 Wheels of Health?

This is a science-based 4-week health education course, with emphasis on community and heart. Join Chef Simon Gault and Nutritionist Sean Robertson, as they combine their drive and passion towards a healthier New Zealand.

Participants will receive the 4 Wheels of Health framework which will act as a reference and go-to guide about sensible and thoroughly enjoyable Nutrition, Gut Health, Sleep, and Timed Eating. These are a simple to follow set of guidelines which includes an assortment of delicious recipes to get you started.

The guide will be supplemented by live videos, tips and tricks, education, and support within our Facebook group. This is where we can share experiences, struggles, successes, offer motivational support, and get ourselves enthusiastically involved with this innovative new sensible health-oriented movement!

Next Course Starts:

Thursday 3rd November

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Simon Gault

Legendary chef turned health enthusiast is taking the science of health and wellbeing to the world.


Paired up with expert Nutritionist Sean Robertson and inspired by their own health journeys; they're creating amazing outcomes for anyone wanting long term positive change.

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